THE THISTLE 2022, Canada’s National Vintage Off-Road Festival

August 12, 13 & 14th 2022 - Motopark, Chatsworth ON

CAN-AM 50th Anniversary Festival

August 17, 19, 19 & 20th 2023 - Motopark, Chatsworth ON

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Something for everyone, from amateur to expert


Ride one or both days. Must ride both days to trophy! Classes for Youth, Women, Men. Vintage to new bikes allowed.


V100, V110, Vintage, Heritage, Evo.

Hare Scrambles

V100, V110, Vintage.


$1,000 PRIZE MONEY for 125 & 250 CC premix classes.

TWO - 30 minute motos.


  • UNDER 16 Years Old 80 & 100cc classes.
  • Vintage - Air cooled, twin shock, drum brakes.
  • Heritage - Air cooled, drum brakes, up to 1983.

Free Banquet · Prize Table · Merchandise

Raffling off a 1978 CR 250 Honda Red Rocket

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